Green Utilities

Expand your reach abroad and improve your cash collection ratio & ARPU

Reach out to a wide range of users and regions from our ecosystem

Reduce your default payment ratio


Optimize Your Billing Cycle: Biannually or Annually

Usually, you collect weekly or monthly. With us, you are not limited by any restriction. You could expand by charging once or twice a year to improve your cashflow.

Receive Payment in Dizzy ($US) or Local Currency

Choose between receiving payments in Dizzy (Inflation proof & Pegged USD) or your local currency directly to your company's Mobile Money wallet.

Global e-Marketplace

Use our global e-Marketplace to list your e-store (for free!) and trade your goods/services globally. Also, reach out to our global bankable community.

Local Currency Devaluation Protection with Dizzy ($US)

Even when market is unstable, you can be safe with our own currency and diversify your assets. Benefit from the opportunity to save your cash in stable currency.

Partner with us for better overseas cash collection

It has never been easier to expand your business

Light is Life, Money is The Fuel
Buy everywhere, pick &
be delivered in Africa