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More than 600 million of people lack access to electricity in Africa

2 out of 3 people do not have access to electricity nor other traditional energy sources in Africa. Worst, more than 850 million African suffer from very poor electricity and numerous blackouts that can last days without access to primary needs.

Electricity in Africa is remarkably underdeveloped and thus in various aspects of it: energy access, installed capacity, or overall consumption. Out of all countries, from an electricity access perspective, sub-Saharan Africa situation is positioned as the worst of all.  Therefore, these constant struggles from people, shops and even industrialists have a direct impact on countries’ GDP growth. In a study conducted by McKinsey in the area of Powering Africa, the report establishes a close relation between electricity consumption and economic development. Therefore, in order to obtain an economic growth of the country, the power sector shall change. 

Additionally, solar technologies are emerging in African countries. All aspects are present to bring solar electricity to Africa. The sun is free and accessible to all. However, bringing a solar electricity source is not cheap and require an important investment from African Households and Shops Owners. However, many innovative financing is proposed to overcome this ground.

Looking closely on Africa’s current conjuncture and restrictions, DizzitUp positions as a Swiss army knife to tackle these issues. DizzitUp’s essential aim is to provide and facilitate green solar energy deployments as one of its primary service for African Households and Shop owners. By doing so, the country, itself, can elevate financially and socially to world rank.  





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