Flag of Nigeria
Africa, a 1.3B people continent, has 2 structural issues :

Electricity & Finance… and they are actually linked!

The Iow penetration rate of electricity is due to poor investment from state-owned utility companies and discriminative financing services to

businesses and consumers.

The black hoLe !

> 75% of adult Africans are unbanked, couldn’t

even finance their basic utility infrastructure

> 850M of African people (out of 1,3B) suffer from

very Iow quality of electricity services

Worse, 600M (50%) aren’t connected on the grid

$100B YearLy Opportunity

> $50B / Year investment in energy infrastructureb (Still not enough for catching up)

> S42B in remittance to Africa

(Down from $80B before Covid)


Light is Life, Money is The Fuel
Buy everywhere, pick &
be delivered in Africa